Ante Post Betting

Season 3 Now Launched

We start by expressing our disappointment in the FA Cup final. Its gutting to lose in the dying stages of the tie especially after once being in front. As soon as Palace scored we had less than 3 minutes to let the market settle down and back Man Utd to win the Cup and barely got a dime on in the very small window of ... More

10 Juicy Ante-Post Returns

You will remember in an earlier edition of our newsletter we pointed out that our service was only making around 18% ROI and our results showed an initial plethora of losing bets. We expected this rough ride and explained that it would be a totally different story as the football season nears to an end in the months of ... More

Ante-Post Cup Selections

Our last edition of the newsletter mentioned all the disappointing bets that affected the service. Thankfully, in the last 3 days a lot has happened – and all good stuff! Thursday evening was pleasing with Dortmund setting themselves up nicely against a win over Tottenham in the Europa League. They have now shortened ... More

Re-Valuation of Our Season Portfolio

We start off by mentioning the disappointment in our recent results. We have had some near misses but we have to expect that in our industry. We never kid ourselves by putting it down to “bad luck” as we feel there is no such thing when it comes to betting. Dundee were beaten by a big margin against Rangers in the ... More

Ante-Post Cheltenham Festival Bets and Weekend Football Service

First of all, we would like to thank you for your feedback regarding the daily Horse Racing Service. Though the service has technically started, it kind of hasn’t, because we have not found any decent bets to put up. We are just as eager to kick it off as you are but we must be patient. In the meantime, we have found ... More

How we determine the strenght of each selection

Since our last newsletter many clients have asked us if we would explain how we determine the strength of each selection we put up so we thought without giving up too many clues we would make this the focal point in this edition! Ante-Post betting has always been the most profitable area for Tony and he has capitalised ... More

American Football Update

Those of you who have been with us from the beginning of this season would have placed two ante-post bets on the Scottish League One - 4 points Dunfermline @ 15/2 and 3 points each way Ayr @ 6/1. These two sides have created a bit of daylight in the league with the remainder of the teams and are now best priced at 2/5 ... More

Cricket Bets Update

It’s been extremely quiet on the ante-post front recently. We have not had any bets ourselves and it goes without saying that we will not advise half chances or weak bets on the service. This is where the tokens based service makes it viable to clients as the quiet periods do not cost you a penny. Those of you who ... More

Recent Winner – Djokovic to win 3 Grand Slams

A very satisfactory end to last weekend for both season 1 and season 2 clients. Season 2 clients should be happy with the latest array of bets given on the service. We have started the NFL season in great style having 4 winners out of 5 so far in the divisions. Of course, we understand it is only the first round and ... More

Season 2 – Upcoming Ante-Post Betting Markets

A very satisfactory start to Season 2 (from 1st May 2015) showing an R.O.I. on completed bets of 60.97% We have valued running bets on a very conservative basis (90% of the true value in a 100% book) but even so these embryonic bets show an enhanced value of over 10% on that basis. Over the two seasons we have been ... More