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New Winonsports Twitter Page

We have now started a new Twitter page @WinonsportsC which will solely be focusing on sports betting. The purpose of this page is to give our members information on some of the bets that we have put up on the service and at times Tony may even give in-running advice on certain positions we hold. Tonight we have a Champions League match between ... More

Our highest ever R.O.I on the service so far

We hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all a very happy new year. During the festive season our office was open however the website had not been updated for quite some time. We have finally caught up with the admin and we are pleased to announce that we have reached our highest ever R.O.I. on the service so far. We are thrilled to show an ... More

How we determine the strenght of each selection

Since our last newsletter many clients have asked us if we would explain how we determine the strength of each selection we put up so we thought without giving up too many clues we would make this the focal point in this edition! Ante-Post betting has always been the most profitable area for Tony and he has capitalised on the bookmakers mistakes each ... More

Important Changes to our Service

This edition of the newsletter will focus on some of the changes we have made to our service. Due to popular demand we have introduced a new payment button – 50 tokens for £149. Some clients felt that there was too much of a gap between the 30 token bundle and the 100 token bundle so we have rectified that with our latest button. We are certain it ... More

Season 2 – Upcoming Ante-Post Betting Markets

A very satisfactory start to Season 2 (from 1st May 2015) showing an R.O.I. on completed bets of 60.97% We have valued running bets on a very conservative basis (90% of the true value in a 100% book) but even so these embryonic bets show an enhanced value of over 10% on that basis. Over the two seasons we have been running this service our results ... More